He Won’t Wake Up! (Based On An Incident Which Took Place In May 2013 In England)

27 June 2013, 22:13

“Oh dear, he won’t wake up! What are we going to do?”

“Let me try again. JAAAASON! JASON! WAKE UP!”

No response.

“Oh dear, well, we’ll have to admit him to the wards. Bring him down to the Admissions dept.”

After wheeling the unconscious Jason down to the Admissions, next to the A+E, they decided to try again.


Red in the face from the exertion from screaming in order to rouse Jason who was most certainly not dead, the nurse noticed an elderly man hobbling his way to them from the seats.

“That’s my son, Jason Brown. Is there a problem?”

“We can’t seem to rouse him!”

“Erm, you know that he’s deaf, don’t you? That should be in the files.”

“yes, that’s the problem, we don’t know how to wake him up.”

“Are you for real? here, get out of the way.”

He shook Jason awake, who was shocked to find himself where he was.

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