The Doorway

08 September 2013, 20:56

Solange was with her son walking around.

Solange had to go somewhere to check out a place for her son, so she went there, clambering over the rooftops for part of the way, and climbing through (quite comfortably) a doorway.

She then went alone to inspect this place, to see if it was ok. It seemed ok, so after fixing a thing or two, she clambered through the rooftops back to her son, who was waiting patiently.

When they went to the place she selected, he clambered through the doorway. She looked away for one sec, then glanced back to follow him.

The doorway was a mere gap in the wall now, a half foot wide and a foot tall. Through this little window, she could see her son happily jumping from one roof to the other before entering the place selected for him.

She couldn’t get to him anymore.

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