Once Upon A Time… (No, not OUAT)

24 October 2011, 21:25

Here in the dear capital city of Ireland, Dublin, in this tiny corner near the airport, there are two women, mother and daughter, who live together.

The mother tells the daughter what she is missing. Her sister and brother, and the friendly, likeable homeless guy who happens to sleep in her (the daughter’s) room. Yet the daughter knows not of these magical people.

Also time seems to fluctuate. Maybe there is a time warp somewhere in the house. Or the dear mother is unstuck in time?

Well, the dear daughter is trapped in her own protective prison and feels alone, even though she can see she is not alone. However, dear mother has become unstuck in time, and the walls are encroaching in, relentlessly.

The dear daughter needs to break down her own walls in order to climb over these encroaching walls to be with Mother who feels alone and isolated.

However, in doing so, sacrifices are made. This is not a problem. The walls are the problem. And the being unstuck in time.

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