Strawman arguments in the Marriage Equality Referendum debate

I see a lot of strawman arguments in the Marriage Equality referendum.

What are we talking about?

Voting YES or NO so that Marriage Equality is made available for all human beings, gay, straight or whatever.

Examples of strawman arguments…
“Against the bible.”
The referendum is talking about civil marriage, not religious marriage or wedding ceremonies. The bible is irrelevant in this case, and considering the fact that there are people from all backgrounds living in Ireland, and not just Irish Catholics/Protestants, this is a secular and inclusive thing we are asking people to consider, yes or no to civil marriage.

“Priests abusing boys.”
What has this got to do with two consenting adults of the same gender in love with each other wanting to get married?

“Children need a mother and a father.”
The referendum is not talking about what children need. The referendum is about whether or not to allow two consenting adults in love with each other wanting to get married, to do so.

“Think of the Children”
YES, think of the children. Children who have gay parents need the same kind of protection that other children enjoy. This is already dealt with, and not relevant to the referendum.

Be careful you are not engaging in the strawman fallacy.