14 July 2010, 23:43

This evening there was thunder and lightning all around us in the mountains.

There is a lake in the middle.

The three of us discussed what to do.

The other two decided to swim in the lake.

I decided not to.

It was magnificent, the two of them swimming in the dark evening (Just after sunset) with the several flashes of lightning brightening up the place occasionally.

When they came out, and we set off on the way home, I got my swim…



Shoes: Why I Don’t Like Shopping With Friends

15 August 2012, 09:33

“Oh, look at these lovely shoes! I’ll have to try them on!”

So it begins. Let’s hope she makes up her mind quickly.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. No, I’ll leave them back on the shelf. We might have better luck in other shops.”

Hmm. Is it my imagination, or are my feet starting to hurt?

“Oh look, aren’t they just divine!”

A piece of leather cut and put together on a hard base divine? Hmm, ok. Whatever.

“No, they aren’t quite right, no. Maybe better luck next time.”

Hmm, and they were divine only five minutes ago. Yes, I wasn’t imagining things, my feet are getting quite sore. Let’s hope she makes up her mind quickly, as I find myself losing patience with her fickleness.

Twenty three pairs of shoes and boots later, she said what I dreaded to hear.

“No, I think the first pair we saw were the ones I’m looking for.”